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Corma Holmes
The Face of Social Faces Ltd
Great Marketing, Makes You Money!
Great Marketing, Makes You Money!
Marketing is NOT just a cost to your business! Marketing is a business essential.  When marketing is done right, it will pay for itself.  If £10 of ad spend, can get you a new customer worth 5 or 10 times as much, then that is worth the investment.

There are so many different routes to market,  but we like to use the online platforms for two main reasons:
  •  It is where your customers spend most of their time and we can get their attention
  •  We can track everything and test everything, which means we can optimise everything and be really responsive
No matter how big or small your company is, we have a solution to help you.  Please watch the brief testimonial video below to find out how we helped on of our clients.

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Why Social Faces?
Stop Chasing After Customers
Start Attracting them!
Discover how savvy Business owners like yourself are using the our services to get new leads and customers from Social Media, without having to become an expert marketer or precious hours working out what post on Facebook next.

What Can We Do To Help You?
Video Ads & Chat Bots
We can help you create a one off or a series of Video ads for your Facebook page and online advertising. 

Short video ads will draw attention to your product or service and help you promote your business online organically or via paid advertising.

We also build chat bots for our clients, which can, answer lots of questions, help you with your marketing and other very cool functions.
Marketing Auto-pilot
If you are looking for more than just a bit of content, but actually want to set up a solid marketing system in your business which will help you get leads and sales on demand.  Then you may want to consider the Marking AutoPilot.

This is an ideal solution for anyone who does not have much money to invest.

In this program you will build out your marketing assets and systems to achieve your ultimate goals.  

Marketing Done For You
If you are ready to scale your business and want to use Facebook Advertising to generate more leads and/or sales.

This is a fully managed service, completely done for you and virtually hands free.  

We handle the campaign build, the creative, the split testing and bringing you the leads and helping you build your list and sales funnel online.  

Time for Results
Case Study: The Fire Station Cafe

This mouthwatering campaign made a tasty profit.  Increasing sales of breakfasts by 100%!  

Our campaign ran only for 1 week during which time it clocked up nearly 100 new page likes.  It reached over 8000 people organically and had very good engagement.  The business also received 4 new 5* reviews.

All this was achieved using organic traffic and a very appetising campaign video AND a delicious offer.

What People Are Saying:
"...I think it was well worth doing!"
Social Faces Ltd created a really nice little video, which got a lot of views and engagement. 

Since then the reach of my page has increased significantly, which was an unexpected by product.

The great thing is that unlike regular advertising, this video is now my asset and I can re-use it again and again.
David -  Roads to Freedom
"...It put me ahead of the competition !"
As a small business I am always looking for new ways to get more clients. However, I am not a marketing person myself, I do nails! I spend my time serving my customers and I find it difficult to manage my Facebook page as well.

It was very easy to set up the campaign and to manage it, which was a relief!  

I thought it was brilliant!!  It looked really professional.
Kellie - Me Time
"...It was absolutely fab!"
From the start of my business I have been active on Facebook and Instagram, as I think it is a good way of staying top of mind with the local customers.

I think the campaign was absolutely fab!  It was a very good looking video, which made my business look very professional.  

The chatbot was a helpful addition. It would have been difficult to respond to the 400 or so people who entered the competition to win. 

Sarah - The Old Fire Station
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